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Challenge & Creation

Since its foundation, GungHo has always challenged itself to create new value.

With the launch of the PC online game “Ragnarok Online” in 2002 and the smartphone game “Puzzle & Dragons” in 2012, GungHo became a pioneer in creating new game markets. In addition, GungHo is a million-selling console game developer, and has grown by challenging itself as a developer of multi-platform games that run on any device.

Using its planning capabilities, which have been the source of numerous hit titles created so far, technological capabilities accumulated through the development of PC, smartphone, and console games, and operational capabilities developed through the long-term operation of online games, GungHo will continue to develop games for multi-platform on a global scale, with one-source multi-use businesses in mind, aiming to become the world’s No. 1 entertainment company, which can meet customer expectations at all times.

Kazuki Morishita
Executive producer
President & CEO
GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.